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Full Service Talent Agency

With great enthusiasm, integrity and passion we take on the important responsibility of cultivating authentic, modern brands supported through effective communication and proudly represented through our elite collective of experts.

Our Story

We offer brands and personalities a new way of doing business.

Brand Wagon Agency came into being through a combination of chance, hard work and passion.

The push to create a full service agency was put it into action and spurred by owner Keith Allan’s difficult and less than stellar agency experiences he had had in the past as a business owner. He knew he wasn’t the only one who was tired of the overly niche agency experience, where one had to hire a website development firm, graphic design firm, marketing agency and more just to get one project completed. Not only was it expensive, it was time consuming, requiring multiple meetings and necessitating that the client facilitate communication amongst a plethora of stakeholders. Keith, like many other professionals, felt he was paying a lot of money to a lot of different people to accomplish something that would have been best handled by one team. During the process of working with a multitude of agencies, Keith realized that in addition to the money and time spent, he was having to manage a ton of personalities and in the end, felt the results were disappointing.

Enter Brand Wagon Agency. It was created to bring together the best minds from a variety of agency specific services, resulting in one close-knit super team that handles clients holistically and from the beginning to the end of a project. Brand Wagon Agency is built on the premise of offering world-class service to its world-class clients, so that they only need one agency for all of their branding, marketing and public relations needs.

With nearly 100 years of combined experience, the team at Brand Wagon Agency is highly skilled and well-versed in their specialized facet of the collective. With a primarily female, international, multi-generational and multicultural team, Brand Wagon Agency gleans unique perspectives and worldviews, resulting in original and broadly examined outcomes for our clients. Brand Wagon Agency is also proud of its many female team members and remains committed to the equal treatment and advancement of women in business.

Today, as Brand Wagon Agency continues to grow and develop, it has been fortunate to have been validated by market interest, that it is solving a problem and delivering on its promise of world-class service to its burgeoning client roster.


We are a collective of specialists

Keith Allen

CEO / Managing Partner

A highly accomplished Producer and Entertainment Executive, Keith Allen, has extensive experience in marketing and branding. BWA and clients benefit from Keith’s first hand experience, well-informed instincts, and his deep understanding of the market segments being targeted.

Nicole Hanratty Communication Expert for Brand Wagon Agency

Nicole Hanratty

Vice President Communications

Nicole Hanratty is a communication expert an extensive portfolio of scripted commercials, video production, red carpet coverage, live interviews, articles, press releases and social media campaigns. She has been on the red carpet as a publicist and a journalist. Pitching and conveying a message that connects is her primary goal. Nicole’s specialty is telling your story.


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