Why We Love Graphic Design (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Graphic Design (And You Should, Too!)


Why do I love graphic design? There is no one answer. I’m a graphic designer from Serbia. The first designing steps I made was imagining myself as someone who would earn a nice income from drawing. As time passed by, I realized that graphic design as industry gave me a lot more.

Discover Outdoors at KilimanjaroThe image above is a waving flag with the logo that I did for a travel agency, at the highest top of Kilimanjaro mountain. Can you imagine? I felt like I was there with these guys in the picture. The opportunity that I can work with people around the world, and create something new for them gives me much more than just money as I first thought.

Graphic design is a job that can take you in countless directions, where every project is a story for itself. Another important thing for me is when I create a good relationship with the clients, I learn something new from them.

I started as a freelancer and worked like that for a few years. After a year, I joined Brand Wagon Agency. Why do I love graphic design? This company is another reason. It brought me to these super imaginative and talented people abroad with who I enjoy working and sharing creative ideas.

I’ve told you only a few reasons why I love graphic design. Of course, like in every other job, you are faced with problems that you need to solve, but I find this keeps the job interesting. Every new project teaches you something new, improves your skills, and places your artwork (you) in places you never thought it would appear.

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