Our Talent

Our secret sauce is our team. BWA is comprised of gifted and talented individuals who bring with them unique and plentiful experience in their respective fields. They come together in a spirit of collaboration to harness their know how to improve and empower your brand.

CEO / Managing Partner
Nicole Hanratty Communication Expert for Brand Wagon Agency
VP of Communications
Senior Graphic Designer
Graphic & Motion Graphic Designer
Social Media Expert
PR Account Manager
Social Media/Photo
Junior Graphic Designer / Social Media Expert
Public Relations Intern

How We Work

We are a collaborative, efficient collective. Our specialized team makes exceptional strides in a project’s progress by working in project-based micro-teams while maintaining constant communication within the larger collective to ensure maximum efficiency.

By offering expertise in every facet of a brand’s consumer facing needs, our clients are more efficient by working with one agency. With an entire team working together on their behalf, the outcome is a more cohesive end product with one timeline and all the moving parts working in perfect synergy.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about offering brands and personalities a new way of doing business. Instead of managing personalities of multiple vendors, Brand Wagon empowers clients to focus on what really matters, their brand. We do this by solving the problem of “agency fatigue” through our unique collective structure. We stand for brands with impact. We believe that by building brand identities people care about, we are acting as a catalyst for our clients’ maximum potential for success.

Our Values

We love our work and we work with love. Approach everything we do with confidence, integrity and humility. Listen to each other and to the needs of our clients. Pursue and believe in a culture of constant improvement. Inspire our client’s with our commitment to and demonstration of excellence. Support each other in the pursuit of our work and in continued learning. Act in the best interest of our clients as it’s in our best interest, too. Foster an adventurous, creative atmosphere where ideas are shared freely and openly. Improve the lives of our clients by simplifying and improving the agency experience. Cultivate a culture of gratitude towards each other, our clients and ourselves.